Take control over your dream career and Become future-fit

  • “Hi, I am Michael. I’ve just graduated from the University and spend a great holiday break! Despite of current circumstances.. After 3 years of studying and some internships in the meantime, I am not really sure what to do with my life... And it turns out, finding it, is not that easy as I’ve expected! You know, world change, who knows what jobs will exist in the future.”
  • “Hello, my name is Anna. I’m on my master studies and just finished great internship in marketing. I already feel marketing is the right path! As I am reflecting about my career very often, I want to upskill myself to be able to fit to the future needs! But who knows what it’ll be… Well, I guess I need some inspiration.”
  • Are you looking for a job but not sure what exactly do you want to do in your life (like Michael)? Or maybe you are reflecting about the future most needed skills, as Anna is? If your thoughts revolve around similar topics and you want to spend 2 inspiring days with people same like you, learning about future-fit skills and preparing yourself to be ready for upcoming new job opportunities – join our online event and BECOME FUTURE-FIT on 9th and 10th of November!

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